Soknopaioe Nesos (Dimeh)

23 maart 2018 @ 14:30
Den Haag
Mehen Studiecentrum
Prins Hendrikstraat 14
€10 voor donateurs / gratis voor studenten / €12,50 voor overigen

Temple life in a Graeco-Roman city in the North of Fayyum

Engelstalige lezing door Filippo Mi

Soknopaiou Nesos (Dimeh es-Seba) is an Egyptian archaeological site, among the best preserved of the Fayyum region. The Graeco-Roman settlement was abandoned in the 3rd century AD and soon covered by desert sand, leaving untouched structures and objects left behind by the inhabitants of the city. Characterized by monumental ruins that still attract the eye of the traveller, the site exhibits aspects of urban dynamics and everyday life during the Graeco-Roman period. Although a promising site, the settlement was only excavated twice scientifically: first in the winter of 1931-1932 by a Michigan University expedition, and since 2001 by the University of Lecce (Italy)

The present talk will include the history of the explorations, a thorough description of the site, as well as a summary of the results of the work carried by the Italian archaeological mission. The incredibly well-preserved temple area, with its high-standing mudbrick walls, will be the main focus of the lecture, which will offer insights into the architecture, decoration, and rituals that once enlivened the temple complex.


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