Egyptian collections in museums in the Ukraine, Leiden

28 april 2019 @ 14:00 – 16:45
RMO, Leiden - Nehalenniazaal
€ 10,- voor donateurs, € 12,50 voor anderen.

Egyptian collections in museums in the Ukraine

door Dr. M. Tarasenko

Voor de pauze zal de heer Tarasenko de volgend lezing geven:

‘The Book of the Dead in Ukraine’

An overview of the fragments of the Ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead in the museum and library collections of Ukraine will be given in the lecture. There are six damaged fragments of the Egyptian papyri in the collection of the Odessa Archaeological Museum. Four of them belong to the Book of the Dead of the “Theban redaction” (New Kingdom): OAM inv. nos. 52974, 52678, 52681, and 52682. The fragments of the papyrus of Paneb ОАМ no. 52974 are mostly interesting and preserved. The other part of his roll is located in the State Hermitage Museum (St.-Petersburg). All OAM papyri are originated from the collection of A.A. Rafalovitch and were purchased in Egypt between 1846 and 1848. Rafalovich presented his collection to the Museum of Fine Arts and Antiquities of Novorossiyskyi (Odessa) University in 1849. It became part of the OAM collection in 1924. The fragments of an unpublished copy of the Hieratic Theban Book of the Dead of the Ptolemaic period are kept in the Institute of Manuscripts of the NAS of Ukraine. The parts of the text of six and illustrations of three Chapters, as well as clarified style of design and the textual tradition are established on these fragments.

Na de pauze volgt de lezing:

‘The 21st Dynasty Egyptian objects in the museums of Ukraine’

The Ancient Egyptian artifacts from the 21st Dynasty in the museum collections of Ukraine will be discussed in the lecture. Antiquities of this Dynasty are represented by the objects of three types: coffins, mummy shrouds, and shabtis. These artifacts are stored in four museums: Odessa Archaeological Museum, National Kiev-Pechersk Historical and Cultural Preserve, Lvov Museum of the History of Religion and Museum of Oriental Art in Zolochiv Castle. These gatherings include seven coffins and their fragments, several mummy shrouds, and shabtis. Two complete sets of coffins (Nesitaudjatakhet and Nesmut), mummy shrouds, five (?) shabti figurines are originated from the Bab al-Gusus Lot 6. In addition, the 21st Dynasty objects of other provenance are also represented in the museums of Ukraine. These are two disparate sets of male anonymous coffins in Kiev, three coffin fragments in Odessa, Lvov and Zolochiv, and five shabtis in Odessa.

Tijdens de pauze zal de presentatie van het Mehenboek “Amonhotep III en Teje” plaatsvinden.