De vrouw in het oude Egypte. Naar aanleiding van Internationale vrouwendag

8 maart 2020 @ 14:00 – 16:45
Leiden, Rijksmuseum van Oudheden
Rapenburg 28
2311 EW Leiden

Zondag 8 maart 2020 Internationale Vrouwendag

The Women of Ancient Egypt
A two-part lecture by Dr Joyce Tyldesley

Voor donateurs van Mehen € 15,= en voor niet-donateurs € 20,=. Studenten € 5,=. (excl. entree R.M.O.).


The traditional presentation of the ancient Egyptian woman, as she appears on tomb walls, is that of a passive wife and mother. But we have enough archaeological and textual evidence to know that this is not the whole story. Women played an important role throughout the dynastic age, both within the home and within the workplace. This two-part lecture will examine that role, focussing on a few prominent individuals.

Part 1: From Isis to Cleopatra: the Role of the Woman in Ancient Egypt
The story of Isis and Osiris presents us with the template for the good Egyptian wife: loyal, supportive and, when necessary, capable of decisive action. Starting with this myth, this lecture will consider the evidence for active women at all levels of society, from servants to ruling queens.

Part 2: Nefertiti: a Case Study in Queenship
For over three thousand years Egypt’s queens provided the essential female element that would allow the kingship to function correctly. This lecture will focus on one of these queens, examining the evidence for the life and death of Queen Nefertiti, Great Wife of Akhenaten.  It will review her role at the Amarna court, both during and after her husband’s reign. Did Nefertiti really rule Egypt, as some Egyptologists suggest?